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Many applicants want to come to the UK for temporary periods without any wish to settle permanently. These includes visitors who want to see family members, go sightseeing, conduct business or check out potential colleges to study in the future.

The type of visitors visa needed for a visit to the United Kingdom will depend on the purpose of the visit. The most common type is the general category visitor’s visa. This visitor’s visa, valid for up to six months, is also used by people visiting the UK for business purposes. A visitor’s visa does not give people the right to work in the UK. They must have enough money to support them, and cannot produce goods and services without a work permit. However, a visitor’s visa enables people entering the UK for business purposes to carry out negotiations and attend business meetings. Further, visitor’s are now permitted to take up short courses while they are in the UK.

Various other types of visitor’s visa may be obtained by people wanting to spend time in the UK. A person seeking private medical treatment may obtain a visitor’s visa for a maximum of six months if there is no risk to public health. Another type of six months visitors’ visa may be granted to people visiting the UK in order to be married.

Anyone under 18 who wants to visit the UK should apply for a child visitor’s visa. This is valid for up to six months, and requires evidence that someone will be responsible for the child’s care. Parents of children aged under 12 attending a private UK day school may obtain a visitor’s visa for up to 12 months, but are not allowed to work in the UK. Visitor’s visa arrangements can also be made for Chinese nationals visiting the UK for up to 30 days and for visitors passing through the UK en route to another country.

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