Fiancé/Spouse/Partner visa

Despite the nature of one’s relationship with a British national, no one has automatic entry into the UK. Anyone interested in entering the UK must first apply for a visa, even if they are married or engaged. A spouse visa and a partner visa must receive full clearance before the individual can enter the UK. There are various rules associated with the spouse visa and the partner visa and all of the limitations must be met before any individual is allowed entry into the UK.

Those individuals affianced and interested in receiving a partner visa must know the individual they are to marry, must have already met the Britain national, and must intend to reside with the British national. The partner visa applicant must also be able to provide proof that they can be accommodated and supported without the use of public funds. If a partner visa is approved, the individual seeking entry into the UK will have a six-month approval and will not be allowed to work in the UK until after they have married.

If you are considering applying to come into the UK on a fiancé / fiancée visa, the rules governing this kind of immigration are similar to those for married couples, with some minor differences to reflect the added complexities of the situation. Nonetheless, it is fairly straightforward to apply for a fiancée visa as long as certain conditions are met.

Generally speaking, you must apply for a fiancée visa from outside the UK. Once you have entered the country on a fiancée visa, you must get married within six months, unless there are exceptional circumstances, in which case an extension may be granted (though this is quite unusual).

While in Britain, both before and after you are married, you may not work as long as you are staying in the UK on a fiancée visa. It is necessary, therefore, for you and your fiancée to demonstrate that you will be able to support yourself without using public funds.

Due to concerns about so-called “arranged” marriages, and the possibility of fraud, it is necessary that you are over 16 and that you have met your fiancée prior to entering the country. Once you are married, you will be expected to live together. Any children under 18 will probably not be allowed entry into the UK, unless it can be shown that they would suffer hardship by not being allowed in. It may be better to wait until you are married, and then apply for your dependents to be permitted entry into the country.

A spouse visa also has requirements that must be met before it can be approved for an individual’s entry into the UK. The spouse of the spouse visa applicant must be living in the UK, applying for entry into the UK, have a home in the UK, or have an indefinite leave. Upon approval of a spouse visa, the individual or both partners will receive approval for a period of 2 and half years to enter the UK. During this period the individual with an approved spouse visa can work in the UK. Please note that at the end of 5 years the Spouse will automatically qualify for an Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK.

There will be an extra charge of £200 a year National Health Service as of 6 April 2015 for those who are coming to the UK to join their families or studies.

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