Concession outside the rules

Today, people from all around the world immigrate to the UK for a variety of reasons. They may come for educational purposes, on business, to visit family, or simply in the capacity of a tourist. The period of their stay depends on the visa they have acquired and their eligibility for an extension. The UK immigration rules and procedures are clearly structured according to immigration and citizenship laws in the country and contain no loopholes. However, UK immigration regulations are not so rigid that they are unable to provide concessions outside the rules based on human rights grounds.

Applicants whose immigration requests have been rejected may appeal for a revaluation, if they feel they have been unfairly assessed and on the basis of their human rights.

For instance, a person may be able to get family members to join them in the UK under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects the right to private and family life. For example, children may be granted permission to join their parents in the UK, or a spouse can join their partner and so on. They would be given ILE (Indefinite Leave to Enter) under this law. However, this only applies to those who possess ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain).

UK immigration rules also provide a concession for people to remain in the country when their removal would become a breach of their human rights according to the European Convention on Human Rights.

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